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5. Police Policies

Over the past few years police departments have set up new policies intended to cut down on the number of false dispatches and as a revenue generator.

Across North America each police department has a different policy. In some areas the alarm system owner must register his system with the police, either with or without a registration fee. In other areas fees are levied for each false dispatch. In yet other areas, police will not even respond unless the alarm is confirmed as an actual break-in.

Find out from your installer or your police, exactly what their policies are in your area.

Some alarm system owners are dissatisfied with the police policies and have requested that a private security firm respond instead of the police. Check with your installer whether this option is available to you if you desire it.

Here are some police policies in the larger areas of Ontario.

Metro Toronto Police - A fee is charged for EVERY dispatch whether false or actual, even if the dispatch is canceled there will still be a fee charged. If the alarm is found to be an actual , you may apply for a rebate.
If you have 4 false dispatches in a one year period, the police will suspend your account and no longer respond to any alarms for a one year period.

Peel Regional Police - At this time there is no registration or fees charged. However 2 false dispatches in a 365 day period will cause your account to be suspended and police will no longer respond to any alarms for one year. If a Request for Reinstatement is sent in (outlining that the issues that caused the false alarms have been rectified) the suspension time may be reduced or the account reinstated.

York Regional Police - You must register your residence or business with the police. A yearly fee is charged for registration. There is also a 4 false alarm policy as above.

Durham Regional Police - registration policy in effect. 4 false dispatch policy in effect.

Kitchner/Waterloo/Guelph - Must register with police, no fee involved, or police will not respond to any alarms.

Hamilton/Wentworth - Must register with police, a fee is involved. Police will respond to unregistered premises but a high fee will be charged. 4 alarm false dispatch policy in effect also. For registered systems, the 3rd and 4th false dispatches involve a fee also.

Halton Region - must register with police, a fee is involved. They also have a 4 false alarm policy.

Niagara Regional Police - Registration policy with fee in effect, also 4 false dispatch policy.

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