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Graham Alarm was established in 1987 as an entirely 3rd party off-board monitoring station. We have always strived to build our dealer base by offering a very personal, small family-type service. Many larger companies forget that "service first" attitude on their way to becoming the biggest in the industry - we don’t want to be the biggest, we just want to provide the best service we possibly can and charge a fair rate for doing so.

You, the dealer, and we, the station, should never assume the other knows what we are thinking. We should always have a strong line of communication. Graham Alarm was built on the "our station is your station" way of thinking. We will strive to provide you with the services you require to help you best serve your customers’ monitoring needs. This attitude should also be considered to work both ways.

You, the dealer, should strive to keep as much unnecessary traffic off the receiver lines as possible, provide your customers with your own 24 hour service line and only request report printouts if your customer requires them. Any savings you can provide to the station will only benefit you in the long run - by way of making it financially feasible for the station to put on more operators, more phone lines etc.

The station itself is a ULC listed central station with shared listing capabilities with our dealers. We run our monitoring under SIMS II software, and our receivers are Quick Alert, Surgard, Europlex,  ITI ,and an Ademco Radio Receiver.
We have a complete backup system for all of our computers and we do twice daily backups of our database.

How to contact us:


Paul Graham
- President

Sunita Dalzine                     -
- Station

 Nancy Graham                           - 
- Administration

 Rae Graham                                - 
- Finance

Phone: Office Phone Numbers
Local Calls  905-897-6300
WATS line 1-888-295-8430 (North America wide)

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