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Please take the time to fill our our Dealer Survey. We look forward to all suggestions. Graham Alarm Monitoring Limited (GAML) is constantly striving to improve our customer service.
Welcome to the Graham Alarm Monitoring Limited Dealer Survey (GAML)

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How long have you been with GAML?
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Please provide 2 reasons that GAML is your alarm monitoring choice
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Please provide 2 area's that you would like to see GAML improve on
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Please rate the following statements
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5 = Strongly Agree
The operators at GAML can provide requested information efficiently and accurately
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The operators at GAML handle your telephone calls with professional telephone etiquette
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My history reports are received in a consistent and timely manner
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My reports are delivering all requested information
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I find the GAML website easy to navigate
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I find the GAML online database easy to navigate/use
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Please provide any suggestions for improvement in the space allotted below
Thank You for taking the time to participate in our Dealer Survey. Your feedback is very important as we are constantly striving to improve our customer service and want to make your experience with Graham Alarm Monitoring a great one.