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4. The Central Monitoring Station

All central monitoring stations work along the same lines. That is, an alarm system reports an alarm condition to them, they try to verify the alarm condition, then they report the alarm to the proper authorities or designated personnel. When talking to the central station you should know what is expected of you and what they can tell you.

When calling the central station, you must be able to properly identify yourself with your passcode. Without this identification, the central station will not give you any information at all. Once you have properly identified yourself the station will give you any information they have at their disposal that you require.

If you have tripped your own alarm in error, it is always best to call the central station to report the false alarm. You can never tell if the station has tried calling you and received a busy signal or an answering machine.

Normally any updates or changes to your system should be handled through your installer and not by calling the central station. For legal reasons the central station must receive these updates in writing and your installer can fax them to the station for immediate updating.

Any operator, at any central station, can tell you of false dispatches because the alarm system owner forgot to update his account.

Here is some typical "I forgots" that central stations hear everyday that cause false dispatches.

Forgot to leave alarm off and cleaning lady was coming in, forgot I have house up for sale and real estate agents coming and going, forgot to tell anyone I bought a new pet, forget to tell anyone plumber is welding at premise , forgot to tell anyone I moved out and new people moving in, forgot to get my baby-sitter a passcode, forgot to tell anyone I’m on vacation and neighbor is looking after house, forgot to train new staff on how system works, forgot to tell anyone painters or contractors are on site..........etc., etc.....

Most false alarms are caused by user error.

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